Code of conduct

Throughout its existence, Innovatech Group has earned a solid reputation with its professionals, customers and suppliers. This reputation results directly from the actions and daily decisions of each and every one of us and by conducting business, according to our ethical values and principles of ​Trust, Integrity, Professionalism and Respect. For this reason, it is mandatory to follow the guidelines described in this Code of Conduct Conduct at all times, and incorporate you to our daily routine.

Business Ethics

Suggestions for improving this content will always be welcome. Feel free to take part in this construction. Whenever you see or suspect a violation of the code, it is your responsibility to report it to the leadership or to the Human Resources area. If you are uncomfortable using these paths or consider that the issue has been resolved properly, you can use an electronic questionnaire available on the Innovatech Portal to contribute with suggestions or report violations anonymously. The investigation of the claims and complaints will be conducted carefully, respecting local laws and protecting the rights of both the complainant and the accused, without any retaliation against the person who reported a concern in good faith, through the channels available.

ESG Tech Consulting is a company of the Innovatech Group.

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